this is the beginning of whatever you want it to be

JellyRolls Quilt Shoppe has been a dream of mine for several years. I learned to love sewing over 40 years ago when I spent the summer at a family friend's home, learning to ride my new horse, Flaxie.  If we weren’t in the barn or out riding, we were in the house at the sewing machine.  I will never forget the awful peach polyester pants and printed jacket we made for my show outfit; but my sweetest memories are of watching her sew and taking in as much of her wisdom as I could. She was a wonderful example of what I wanted to be in my life. A horse woman and a home-maker.  Fast forward a lot more years and I started thinking I wanted to make quilts. I remember going into a store in my hometown and telling them I wanted to learn to quilt. They were planning to offer two Alex Anderson classes so I signed up immediately for both of them. I was just drawn to the store and I think that is when the “bug” hit me. I wanted to be around the fabrics and think of all ways the colors and designs could be blended together. As my love of making quilts grew, I became a fabric "stasher".  If you're a quilter, or you live with one,  you know exactly what I mean!  This has given me a desire to share my love of beautiful fabrics with new friends. I am so looking forward to what my future holds; for now this little website is what has been laid upon my heart. Tomorrow may look very different to me but for now I am starting this virtual happy place. I hope you will enjoy this journey with me and it will become one of your most traveled roads. The ability to watch the transformation of what was imagined in your mind and then created by your hands soothes your soul.  The giving of that piece of your heart warms another's. This is the beginning of whatever you want it to be.   May you sew long <3 ~ kelly